Commercial Retail & Residential Construction Company Bay Area & Northern California

SCM Construction Management Services is a privately owned, forward thinking construction company that performs general contracting, comprehensive commercial retail and residential construction management, pre construction services and value engineering services for clients throughout the Bay Area, Central Valley and northern California. SCM Construction Management Services takes pride in its commitment to excellence in general contracting, and offers its clients the expertise and integrity necessary to manage construction projects of any scope on time and within budget.

SCM Construction Management Services represents the culmination of more than 30 years of development and construction experience. Formed to specialize in commercial, institutional, multi-family, residential, mixed-use, and industrial projects, SCM Construction Management Services is an expansion of a family of companies, that include SCM Homes of California and SCM Corporate Group. Since 1982, the companies have been involved in a wide spectrum of planning, development and construction in northern California, building more than 6,000 new homes, new schools, parks, fire stations, public wells, waste management and pumping facilities, railroad crossings, highway undercrossings, light industrial, multi-family, mixed-use, apartment, condominium and commercial retail projects.

To see examples of our residential and commercial retail construction management and general contracting projects throughout the Bay Area, Central Valley and northern California, visit our Projects page.